EIN: Where you should turn when disaster strikes

EIN: Where you should turn when disaster strikes

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - In times of disasters, emergencies or hurricanes there is a media partnership in South Mississippi called the Emergency Information Network, to help keep you informed.

WLOX, Alpha Media, WPMO Tri City Radio, LLC and WQRZ-LP make up the emergency information team. At the start of each hurricane season the media partners meet and plan, as they did Monday morning. Always the goal is: To keep information flowing in times of crisis.

EIN has been operating since Hurricane Georges struck South Mississippi back in 1998. "It's an important partnership to make sure that everyone is connected to everything that is happening in an emergency," said WLOX News Now News Director Brad Kessie.

The network provided a vital link during Hurricane Katrina, keeping South Mississippians informed before, during and after that devastating storm. As Bob 105.9 Program Director Wayne Watkins said, "EIN helps you get information at home and on the go."

WPMO General Manager Noah Britt said, "partnering with WLOX is the most reliable way to get the most important news to the community." And WPMO shares WLOX programming on a daily basis with its listeners simulcasting Good Morning Mississippi from 5 am to 6 am, WLOX ABC News at 6 pm , and WLOX CBS at 6:30 pm.

The radio stations in the Emergency Information Network plan to carry WLOX News Now in emergency situations like hurricanes when coverage goes wall-to-wall.

Here are the radio stations that will simulcast WLOX News Now during hurricanes and other crisis situations. Alpha Media's EIN FM stations are Bob 105-9, G96.7, and on AM The Champ 1490 and 1640. WPMO Tri City Radio, LLC will go up on AM on The Game 158 and after July 4 will add FM 96.9 to its EIN coverage. Another EIN station simulcasting WLOX during emergency situations in Hancock County will be WQRZ-LP 103.5 FM.

Everyone hopes this hurricane season will be another quiet one. But if it's not, EIN is ready to serve because as Britt said, "getting information during a hurricane to residents is the most important part of what we do as broadcasters."

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