Flora-Bama Lounge Torn Down; Owners Will Rebuild

It was a bittersweet Saturday afternoon for FloraBama fans as they watched the old bar and grill come tumbling down.

The so called Irish Wake drew cheers for some people and tears from others.

But almost everyone was reminiscing on fond memories there from over the past 38 years.

"I took my first tequila shot here," Fan Kate Dunaway says.

Soon a new bar will stand where the old bar once stood. Moss Point resident and FloraBama fan David Vice thinks it's a smart move.

"Tearing it down is the beginning. All the bad is over with, now it's time for all of the good," Vice says.

Irishman Buck O'Curran helped build the old bar and agrees rebuilding is the way to go

"It's a rebirth. You've got to think of it like been there, done that, going at it again," O'Curran says.

While some Flora-Bama regulars say tearing down the old lounge and rebuilding a new one is a step in the right direction, some are sad to see it go.

They say it'll never be the same.

"It's the end of an era," David Herrick says.

Herrick says Flora-Bama has become a somewhat way of life for many people.

Too many memories, Herrick says, were made inside of these walls.

"I see a big part of my life that's coming down,"Herrick adds.

Grant Saltz sees the same, but hopes the new Florma-Bama can live up to the old one's reputation.

"It's killing me, it's killing me. But I think it's going to be okay. It'll never be the same again, but I think it's going to be all right,"Saltz says.