Organizers hope to raise $4,000 for family of slain Gulfport man

Organizers hope to raise $4,000 for family of slain Gulfport man

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Twenty-one-year-old Stanton Saunders was shot and killed Wednesday; one of two men killed in Gulfport just eight days into the month of June.

"I just wanted everybody to remember him as the good guy as he was. He had a big heart, always smiling. It's sorry that we had to come together after a tragedy like this," said, Silva-Mujica.

Saunders, who was expecting twins, did not have life insurance. Gulfport community members came together for a fish fry and barbecue, with proceeds going toward his funeral arrangements.

"It was a shock, we weren't prepared for it, he had no insurance and he's expecting two children," said Silva-Mujica

Community members like Terry Fleming wonder why there seems to be an increase of violence in the Gulfport community.

"I want some answers about how we go about breaking this cycle to get our children to put their guns down and to come back to loving and living in peace and harmony. I don't want Stanton's death to be in vain, but I want us to walk away with hope for our future," said Flemming.

Organizers hope to raise at least $4,000.

"That could've been my son, it could have been your son," said Flemming. "It's an eye opener, and it's an opportunity to go out and begin to put something together for our young people."

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