Deep South in for a scorching stretch of summer-like heat

Deep South in for a scorching stretch of summer-like heat

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Even though the calendar still says spring, scorching conditions are headed for much of the Deep South and the Plains as the official start to summer ticks closer.

This weekend, it felt like 100° or hotter across parts of South Mississippi. That summer-like heat is expected to continue into this week.

Deep tropical moisture will flow in from the Gulf of Mexico this week. That will send humidity values soaring for much of the Gulf Coast region.

That increased humidity translates into increased heat index or "feels like" temperature.

Extreme caution should be taken this week with temperatures expected to warm into the upper 80s and lower 90s and the feels like temperatures heating into the upper 90s & mid 100s.

"Affected most will be those that work outdoors," WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams pointed out. "Anyone partaking in yard work, construction, or even recreation will want to pay extra attention to staying hydrated this week."

"Typically, once the heat index is expected to reach 108° or hotter for several hours that's when it becomes especially dangerous," continued Williams. "The National Weather Service will usually issue a heat advisory or excessive heat warning when they feel that dangerous heat will have a significant impact on the lives of local residents. And the WLOX First Alert Weather team will be the first to let you know if any hot weather alerts are issued."

"Even with the feels like temperatures expected to reach up to 107 this week, folks will want to take watch closely for signs of heat cramps or heat exhaustion," Williams said.

Summer officially begins on Monday, June 20th at about 5:34pm on the summer solstice.

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