East Biloxi celebrates construction milestone

East Biloxi celebrates construction milestone

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As Biloxi's $355 million infrastructure project continues on the north side of the tracks, it continues to be a major headache for businesses and homeowners in east Biloxi.

A ribbon cutting in front of Le Bakery on Oak St. marked a minor milestone; the road bed now ready for a final coat of asphalt.

The business took a hit from the construction.

"It probably impacted us more than Katrina or the BP oil spill. At least with those disasters people were able to find us. With this road construction, it was a mess," said bakery owner Sue Nguyen-Torjusen.

Others on the point are happy the city appears to be turning a corner on the long-time nightmare.

"This is a main drag. This is where the point begins, it's a relief. They've been putting up with the misery. It's time to move on and I think we are," Mayor Fo Fo Gilich said.

Many streets look like a disaster area, and the work is expected to last many more months. With Oak St. inching towards completion, the Biloxi Lugger restaurant on 8th St. sees some light at the end of the tunnel after a rough road.

"People have had a hard time getting to us, with angry locals saying they were not going to come in here until the road was done. Tourists had a hard time navigating those detours. This entire area will get back to where it's supposed to be," said Biloxi Lugger manager Louis Allen.

The last coat of asphalt should be applied within the next month.

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