Hwy. 67 intersection getting safety enhancements

Hwy. 67 intersection getting safety enhancements

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - An intersection that's been plagued with tragedy will soon see a change for the better. The Rev. Eddie Hartwell has been pushing for safety to be enhanced, and now his cries for help are being heard.

The intersection of Hwy. 67 and Tradition is blamed for five fatal accidents. For Hartwell, that's five too many.

"It is a four-lane highway. Traffic is moving very rapidly, and people misjudge distances so often and speed. With property markings and that kind of thing, I feel that it could have been prevented," said Hartwell. 
Hartwell owns a mortuary business and said after responding to a fatal accident at the intersection last month, he knew he had to do something to prevent another fatal incident.

"We are very conscious when we drive through the intersection to tell them, you see those? They are going to fast or they are too close, and let them know why we are waiting to go or something like that because our daughter is 11 and it's getting close," said Doug Baker.

"I called MDOT, one. I called the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, the Harrison County Sheriff's Department and each of them said yes, they are aware of the problem there, but they had not done all the studies or whatever," said Hartwell.

Despite safety measures like flashing lights over the stop signs and rumble bars, Hartwell's pleas made the the Mississippi Department of Transportation take a closer look at the intersection.

According to MDOT spokesman Michael Flood, the department decided to come up with a solution to the problem by adding additional safety features, which include flexible delineator posts. There are also plans to restripe the road.

"I'm so very very happy that no one else will have to come up on the scene with that kind of horrific scene, and no family will have to suffer again like the family that we had the honor actually of serving," Hartwell added.

MDOT officials said the flexible delineator posts have been ordered and will be put up as soon as they arrive.

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