All South Mississippi Beaches Reopen

South Mississippi's beaches are open again. Six areas of the beach were closed Wednesday after tests found high bacteria levels in the water.

It's unusual to have so many closings at one time, even for a short period. Officials say a combination of factors contributed to the situation, including this week's high winds.

"It's churning up the surf a little bit and getting the water to be choppy, and what's happening is the sediment that is lying on the bottom of the Sound is being pulled up into the water column. So when they go out and do a sample, they're registering bacteria in the sedimentation," Bobby Weaver, Director of the Sand Beach Authority, said.

Friday morning, the section of beach in front of the VA Hospital in Gulfport still had "no swimming" signs posted. That section was the last to reopen around 9:30am.

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