Long-lost siblings connect via Facebook

Long-lost siblings connect via Facebook

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - After being separated from his biological family early in life, Matt Stipe longed to know if he had siblings.

"My adopted parents always told me I was adopted, so there's always been that search and that wonder," said Stipe.

When he began his search, little did he know, his biological sister was doing the exact same thing.

"I've always known I had a brother, and I've always known I've wanted to search for him. So I always decided to keep my maiden name the same just in case he wanted to find me," said Dina Ganter.

Unable to look through classified adoption papers, Stipe and his wife Christine decided to search for his family using alternative ways; such as DNA samples and websites like ancestry.com

Dina says she was at home watching a 20/20 special when she received a message from her brother.

"That's when I found on my Facebook messaging that he had sent me a message describing who I was, who he was, who he knew. He named everything to the T." said Ganter.

Matt says finding his sister has been a blessing, and encourages anyone searching for family to not give up hope.

"It's just a blessing that It happened. Doesn't get to happen for everybody, so it's a blessing," said Matt Stipe.

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