Fais Do-Do more than a party to native Biloxians

Fais Do-Do more than a party to native Biloxians

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Rain or not, the Fais Do-Do and Shrimp Queen Pageant filled Point Cadet in Biloxi Saturday with plenty of food and entertainment.

It was a party under the pavilion. Music provided background as celebrants enjoyed the beat and ate from a huge spread of food worthy of a shrimp king and his subjects. And as it should be, seafood was at the top of the entree list.

Festival volunteer Michael Kovacevich kept shrimp lovers supplied. As with most involved, Fais Do-Do is about heritage and about family to him.

"It brings us back to when we were a child, when seafood was king down here," Kovacevich said. "My grandpa owned a factory three blocks from here. So, you know, this is our blood. We're going back to what built Biloxi. So it's special, very special."

Late afternoon rainstorms slowed things down, but didn't stop the celebration. Victoria Kopswa-Caprari has been been involved for years and has had three daughters serve as Shrimp Queen.

"All our family worked in the shrimp industry, and it's my heritage and I love it," Caprari said. "This is what made Biloxi famous; the seafood industry."

Pat Smolcich agrees.

"Oh, it's great for everybody. It's for the fishermen and everybody," Smolcich said. "It's just a wonderful experience."

Caprari has an invitation even to those who aren't familiar with Biloxi history.

"Come celebrate with us. It's all good people. Everybody loves everyone, and you'll have a great time."

At the celebration, Paige Jimerson was selected shrimp queen also received the Miss Seafood Heritage Award. First runner up was Jordan Wescovich; second runner up was Blair Doyle; and third runner up was Devahn Delaneuville.

Shrimp King is Frank Parker, the youngest king at age 42.

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