Coast boxers react to Muhammad Ali's death

Coast boxers react to Muhammad Ali's death
Hunter says Ali's death is being felt around the world and on the Coast. (Photo source: WLOX News)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The boxing community is taking the time to remember boxing great Muhammad Ali, who died June 3 at the age of 74.

"He had a style that was hard to hit, he was a showman. He gave people what they wanted to see. Regardless if people liked him or hated him, they still came out and watched him," said William Hunter, owner of Ritehook Promotions and Pascagoula Boxing Club.

Hunter's sentiments are the consensus when it comes to describing the type of boxer Muhammad Ali was. Hunter says Ali's death is being felt around the world and on the Coast. 

"RIP to one of the greatest, it's a sad day in boxing," said Hunter. "He revolutionized it, I mean he made it flashy he did everything you're not suppose to do, he made people want to watch boxing."

Hunter's suggestion to anyone interested in getting better at boxing -  watch Ali film.

"He's a great person to reference in this sport," Hunter added, which is a suggestion he's given to many upcoming boxers.

Hunter says he's fortunate enough to have gotten the chance to meet Ali.

"Laila Ali fought Christi Martin in Biloxi, we had front row tickets and I had the chance to meet him," Hunter noted. "You could really see the Parkinson's disease like kicking in at that time."

The boxing club owner isn't the only one feeling the loss. Boxer and partial owner of Total Fitness Gym, Terry Scott says that growing up, Ali was who he looked up to. 

"He would talk so much noise, but what was incredible about it was that he could back it up. I mean he just really made it exciting," said Scott. 

Scott and Hunter have a boxing event June 25. Now that the legend has passed, they've added a tribute to the man known as the greatest to the lineup. For details, click here.

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