Dog show brings top breeds to Biloxi

Dog show brings top breeds to Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of pure bred dogs from around the country are competing in Biloxi as the Pelican Cluster AKC dog shows continue through Sunday at the Mississippi Coliseum Convention Center.

Dogs of all shape, size and temperament are competing for top-dog honors. Hundreds of owners and handlers from across the country will be showing off their well-groomed, prize pets. Fancy dogs, with some fancy names.

"Bay Shores Wolf River Dare to Dream. But her call name's Taylor," said Claudia Cuevas. "She's named after Taylor Swift, because when I got her, she sang the whole way home."

Taylor is a veteran on the dog show circuit.

"I've been showing for about 30 or 40 years, different breeds. I like the people. I like the competition. In that you're working as a team with your dog. So even if you may not win, if you and your dog have performed well that day, it'll work it. Of course, a win is always better."

"This is Walker. He's a miniature pinscher champion. We're from Louisiana," said Alvin Turner Jr.

But Turner and his dog face some serious competition from the number two miniature pinscher in the country, Ember.

"Well, they look for structure, as far as a square dog. Level top line.They look for the head, that it's a good representation of the breed. And very important, their temperament," said Armando Angelbello.

Pharrell has the right temperament, and the hair do.  He went "select" at Westminster.

"I've done this almost all my life, and I really do love the dogs. You get to spend time with them and get to know their personalities, and you get to be around other people that really love the dogs. And so it's very enjoyable," said dog handler, Ellen Perry.

Handlers will be primping and prodding and pampering these top dogs through Sunday. Dog lovers are welcome and admission is free.

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