Moss Point's Incumbent Mayor Loses In Democratic Primary

The city of Moss Point will soon have new leadership. Frank Lynn and Cathy Keeton will face off in a runoff in the Democratic primary for mayor. They knocked incumbent Louis Jackson and former Mayor Ira Polk out of the race.

Both Keeton and Lynn are looking forward to continuing their bids for that city's leadership.

"Together we can make some changes," Lynn said. "That's been my whole theory or whole election campaign, that we'll work together and build a better and stronger Moss Point."

Keeton says that with so many of the candidates from the first election now out of the running, a lot of votes are now up for grabs.

"We are going to go out and try and capture some of the vote we lost with five of the candidates, and I feel very positive about it," Keeton said. "It is going to be better to have one opponent as opposed to six. We are ready to go, and my people are ready to go. Again, we are going out trusting that God will see in the office who He thinks is best in Moss Point."

The winner of this Democratic runoff will face Independents Dwight Ray and Archie Alford in the general election.