Combs And Short To Battle For Republican Bid In Gulfport Mayor's Race

A heated race is on in Gulfport for the mayor's office. Former Gulfport Mayor Ken Combs will face current Gulfport Mayor Bob Short in a runoff for the Republican spot in the Gulfport mayoral election.

Combs received the most votes in the primary, getting 46 percent to Bob Shorts 33 percent. Harrison County Supervisor Larry Benefield came in third.

Both Combs and Short say they're already have their strategy set to win the runoff election.

"Basically get out and see people. I didn't have the opportunity the last couple of weeks to get out, but I will be going door to door," Short said. "I will be talking about the issues, talking about the finance of the city, that we are in good financial shape, and answering anything I need to answer."

Combs said he's not going to change his campaign strategy very much.

"I've got to keep plugging the issues I've plugged from the start. Number one, some of our money back from Orange Grove Utilities. Number two, a lack of leadership in the mayor's office. Number three, misstatements on 10 percent tax reduction when most of us got doubled and triple taxes. So, that is what I am going to continue speaking on," Combs said.

Harrison County Board of Supervisors President Larry Benefield came in a distant third in the Gulfport Mayoral Republican Primary. He said the recent media coverage may have contributed to his poor showing.

"We've taken a lot of, let's say abuse from the local media," Benefield said. "We found out tonight that the people apparently believed them, but the people have spoken."

Benefield says he will continue serving the public in his role as Harrison County Supervisor.