Residents voice opinion at Crime Prevention workshop

Residents voice opinion at Crime Prevention workshop

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Tensions between fed up Moss Point residents boiled at Kreole Elementary school at a Crime Prevention Meeting on Tuesday.

"This event tonight is apart of the city of Moss Point's revitalization program that will target East Moss Point under our 2015 community development block grant program," said Moss Point City Official, Cathy Keeton.

A resident of Moss Point for more than 40 years, Evelyn Millender's home and car were recently broken into twice. She wants to find ways to prevent burglaries from happening in the future.

"I actually felt violated," said Millender. "Someone invading your home while you're in it's a very frightening experience."

Other residents also voiced their opinions; many with the same problems.

"I'm glad their passionate, people should be passionate about their neighborhood. I'm passionate about mine, and I expect people to be passionate," said Moss Point Police Chief, Art McClung. "Where there's passion, there's movement."

The meeting was part of a four-day series on how a variety of measures can be taken to become more aware of crimes, and prevent them from happening in the first place. Forming a Neighborhood Watch was also discussed.

"It's time for you to search out and see what it is you can do to help bring this to an end," added Millender.

Three additional meetings will take place at the school during the summer.

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