Choir gives a musical tribute to Memorial Day

Choir gives a musical tribute to Memorial Day

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The Ocean Springs Chorale provided the music for a night of commemoration in Marshall Park. Dozens of people gathered to listen to the music and the stories of veterans. Song after patriotic song set the tone for the true meaning of Memorial Day.

"I think they should come out and be joyous, not be sad, because we're a free country," said Navy Veteran Richard Sawyer.

Sawyer said Memorial Day is one of the most important holidays of the year to him, second only to Christmas.

"We live in the liberties that we have, we can do what we want. You know, we do this. We die for this country so we can have these freedoms that we have," he added.

But Sawyer also believes it's crucial to remember where this holiday came from.

"Think about all of the young people who have given up their life - 1.2 million people in the 241 years that we have fought these battles. I weep for them, I weep every time I hear anything about the military," said Sawyer.

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