Motorcycle Popularity Is Growing Says Coast Shops

Anyone near Highway 90 this weekend undoubtedly noticed the people riding motorcycles. As the weather warms up, some motorcycle shops say they are seeing big sales increases. Many people like John Maloney are opting to ride on two wheels instead of four. In the past few years he has taken his bike across North America and Europe.

"I like the freedom and the flexibility that you've got and also the power of having a machine under you," said Maloney. "You can really accelerate."

Some coast motorcycle shops have seen their sales take off over the past few years. Some as much as 65 percent. Owners say the influx of casinos jobs has given people more money to spend and many of them are deciding to spend on motor bikes.

Store owner Mike Nasakaitis said "We get them from an average of 18 to 70 to years old. A lot of people who haven't rode in 20 or 25 years are getting back into motorcycling."

Some motorcyclists say they enjoy traveling at high speed without the confinement of a car.However, there are also practical reasons for owning a motorcycle.

"Parking. You can park a lot of places you can't get a car," said Dan Flores, motorcycle rider.

Sales manager Bryan Diott said "Especially with the gas prices so high We're selling a lot motorcycles, because you can fill these things up and a whole five gallons and you can get 250 miles."

Store owners say the price of a new motorcycle ranges from about $3,300 to just over $16,000.

by Danielle Thomas .