Where to find the cheapest gas on the coast

Where to find the cheapest gas on the coast

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Planning on running the roads or water this holiday weekend? Then plan on seeing an increase at the pump.

According to AAA, pump prices have been climbing for the past two weeks. And the national average price for gas is expected to soon rise to more than $2 a gallon. AAA claims it's due to seasonal increases in fuel and reduced production at some refineries.

As of Thursday, May 5, the cheapest gas in the Biloxi area is at the Marathon Gas station on Popp's Ferry Road at $1.91 a gallon. But some gas stations in South Mississippi are already just a penny away from $2 a gallon.

"It's been going up. I noticed it was great when it shot down. This particular station I saw it go down to $1.38 to $1.39 and then it just came right back up. It hurts us, but at least we got something. It's still not $4 a gallon, which I hope it doesn't get to. Praying it doesn't," said Carl Weeks.

If you're interested in saving on gas. here's how you can do it: Download and open the WLOX News app, press the top left icon for categories, then scroll down to gas prices. That's where you'll find a list of the lowest gas prices on the coast.

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