Police investigating gunfire heard after Biloxi graduation

Police investigating gunfire heard after Biloxi graduation

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After a fight reportedly broke out following the Biloxi High School graduation on May 24, police are now focusing their attention on a cell phone video supposedly taken during the brawl.

The video appears to show a violent scene at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, just minutes after the graduation. But before the video ends, a suspicious sound that resembles gunfire can be heard.

"It does appear that there are some shots, it sounds like gunshots in the background. There was a fight going on there," said Police Chief John Miller.

According to Miller, the fight scene was clear by the time police arrived. Miller says there was no evidence of a shooting, therefore, officials aren't treating the investigation as such.

"There's been no shooting to our knowledge," said Miller. "A shooting would be if someone had been shot at - or if someone had been shot, or injured - and we don't have that right now, so we're looking at it as someone discharging a firearm."

One graduation attendee says she remembers hearing gunshots after she found herself in the middle of the fight, and is surprised at the number of adults who were involved. 

"They made the situation worse. They fighting children, men are fighting little girls. It was just chaotic," said the woman, who asked not to be named for safety reasons.

Click here to read a statement from Biloxi School District Superintendent Arthur McMillan

The woman added that Tuesday was a time to celebrate, and it's a shame the day ended in shambles.

Coliseum Director Matt McDonnell says his sights are now set on getting through upcoming graduations without similar incidents.

"We're not going to tolerate that kind of behavior," said McDonnell. "If people come here thinking that that's going to be acceptable behavior, then they're going to learn otherwise." 

McDonnell has requested extra security help from the police department. Chief Miller is asking that other nearby agencies send extra officers as well, including Gulfport.

"They're going to send some folks over tonight also, and then we're going to have some of our officers there," said Miller.

Chief Miller is urging anyone with any information regarding the fight to call the Biloxi Police Department at 228-392-0641.

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