Senior citizens go fishing for fun and friendship

Senior citizens go fishing for fun and friendship

BILOXI, MS (AP) - Special moments were in plentiful supply Wednesday. Seniors were reeling in fish and having the time of their lives.

It was good to get out of the house for Vicki Hudson.

"Our senior centers in Harrison County, they are so active. We're not just sitting on the couch rocking chairs seniors," Hudson said.

The event was sponsored by the Harrison County Senior Resource Agency, headed up by Janice Merrell.

"We're looking to reach seniors that don't do normal things, that don't like going to centers. We just want to reach all of our seniors," Merrell explained.

Reach them they did. For some, like Jimmy McCafferty, it was just like old times.

"Me and my grandson, we really love fishing. It's relaxing and a lot of fun and a lot of good eating," said McCafferty.

You can't put a price on hanging with your buddies on a beautiful Gulf Coast day. That's how Ruthie Washington feels.

"It's very good, and I enjoy being with the friends and talking and not being lonesome. You're out with the friends and having a ball," Washington said.

Did she catch any fish?

"No, it caught me," she said.

For those who didn't have much luck, you could learn a thing or two about fishing from the pelicans hanging around.

The senior fishing rodeo was cosponsored in part by Harrah's Gulf Coast, and for the workers at Harrah's who call themselves Harrah's heroes, this event is a natural fit. One of them is Brooke Robbins.

"We share this community. We all thrive here. We want it to be successful, and we have to work together to ensure that we're looking out for one another and we're supporting one another," said Robbins.

That support was clearly on display Wednesday.

In addition to the day of fishing, all the seniors were given goodie bags stuffed with valuable items, as well as being treated to lunch.

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