Hot car safety a priority for Ocean Springs daycare

Hot car safety a priority for Ocean Springs daycare
Ocean Springs daycare focuses on dangers of leaving children in hot cars. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It's something no parent can imagine. Getting out of the car to go do something and forgetting your child is still inside.

"I couldn't imagine leaving them in a hot car and going about my business," said Lasha Miller.

It's a tragedy that happens each year, and there have already been two cases in just the past two weeks.

"It's very frightening, and considering the fact I have a set of twins, I can't even imagine leaving my little ones anywhere," said Cherrine Davenport-Gray.

With the summer heating up, we wanted to see just how hot it gets in a car over time. We left a thermometer in a parked car and waited about an hour to see what would happen.

After an hour, the thermometer read 120 degrees. That's hot enough to give a child heat stroke, or even worse, kill them.

"We try to put a little tips and tricks out in the summertime when it's getting so hot," said Stephanie Lott, who owns and manages Milestones Daycare in Ocean Springs.

She has a policy in place to try and keep things like that from happening.

"At 9 o'clock, I go around and ask all the teachers, 'Who's not here? Who's missing,'" said Lott.

If someone's absent, Lott calls or texts the parents. She had to do that this morning. Thankfully, the student arrived minutes later.

"Stephanie does a good job at texting me to find out where Remi is at, and it's huge. It shows she pays attention and she cares," said Jade Faulk, a student's mother.

Lott said the reason she has the policy is because she realizes that sometimes life happens. She has these tips for parents.

"Maybe put your cell phone in your child's car seat, your purse back there. We were thinking about making a little stop sign to hang because I saw that somewhere else, making a little stop sign that parents can hang in your review mirror that says hey stop. Check your back seat," said Lott.

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