Seamen help out firemen in the Kiln

Seamen help out firemen in the Kiln

KILN, MS (WLOX) - Although some people may take firefighters for granted, the service men and women are always there when residents are in need.

"We don't wanna find out on scene, if we get a structure fire or a woods fire or a car fire, that one of the hydrants don't work," said Kiln volunteer fireman, Jeremy Langley.

To ensure that doesn't happen, the Kiln Volunteer Fire Department did its yearly fire hydrant check-up Saturday morning, with a little extra help.

Since most of the 32 volunteer firemen at the department have other jobs on weekends, a group of seamen lent a hand with washing trucks and checking hydrants.

"As far as being a sailor, being in the Navy, the community does so much for us as far as supporting," said Navy Officer Derrick Pickens. "It's good for us to give some of that support back."

Not only did the group of first class and chief petty officers save the department time, they also saved it money.

"It would've cost some third party around $40,000 to come out and do it," said Langley. "It's gonna save the department money and also in the long term, it's gonna save the people that live in the Kiln money."

Working fire hydrants mean fewer devastating fires, which means lower insurance rates for homeowners.

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