Three men accused of brutally beating of their 75-year-old father

Three men accused of brutally beating of their 75-year-old father
Timothy Bosarge, 41 of Kiln, is charged with "brutally beating" his 75-year old father. (Photo source: Hancock County Sheriff's Dept.)

KILN, MS (WLOX) - A 75-year-old man has been moved from critical to serious condition following an attack on Thursday where he was "brutally beaten." The victim's son, 41-year-old Timothy Bosarge is now behind bars, charged with the vicious attack against his father.

Authorities say they received a call early Thursday morning of a disturbance at a home on Dogwood Ridge Road in the Kiln. When they arrived, they found Bosarge naked outside the home and two of his brothers, Ferlin Ray Bosarge, 47, and Cartis Bosarge, 46, attempting to start a car.

Investigators say the men were attempting to take their father to the hospital because he had been severely beaten. According to Hancock County Investigator Glenn Grannan, the elderly man had several severe injuries to his head and upper body.

All three men were initially arrested and charged with aggravated assault because there was evidence showing that they were all complicit in the attack, says Grannan. However, after further investigation, Ferlin Ray Bosarge and Cartis Bosarge were released and the charges against them were dropped.

Timothy Bosarge is currently being held without bond in Hancock County Adult Detention Center, awaiting his initial appearance. He is charged with aggravated domestic violence and disorderly conduct for failing to comply with law enforcement.

Authorities say all three men live on the property with their father but in separate trailers.

The victim was taken to Garden Park Hospital by ambulance. He was then transported to USA Hospital in Mobile, where he was placed in the intensive care unit in critical condition.

Despite being moved out of intensive care on Friday, Grannan says the victim's condition is still very serious, with doctors having to remove a piece of his skull to allow the swelling in the brain to go down.

While police have not said what led to the attack of the elderly man, authorities say the suspect may have a mental health condition, which could have played a role.

The attack is still under investigation as police continue to monitor the victim's condition.

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