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Major Sewer Project Underway In Waveland

Three days ago, Bill Laprime says he wouldn't been able to do the yard work he's doing now. He says a sewer line broke about a 100 feet from his house.

"We can not turn our air conditioners on, or open the windows, cause the smell gets so bad."

To find out where repairs are needed most, Waveland leaders turned to some high tech help.

Experts use a crawling camera to wind through the sewer pipes. It's an underground look at the sewer system without digging up the streets.

"The biggest thing we're looking for is cracks in the lines, roots infiltrating the lines, some kind of blockage in the line debris or something like that," David Machado, with Gulf Coast Hydrovac, said.

Mayor Tommy Long says aging pipes and a growing demand from a growing population have made sewer upgrades a priority in Waveland.

"Instead of having one main line going directly to the treatment plant, we're putting in a new line that will take care of the South side and go directly to the treatment plant."

Mayor Longo says the sewer upgrades currently underway in the city have already realized a savings in taxpayers dollars.

"Replacing those older pipes, the older infrastructure, closing the leaks, we've been able to reduce our payments to the treatment plant by over $10,000 a month. That's dollars we can put back into the system to continue to upgrade it."

A $1.8 million state and federal grant is funding the first phase of a major upgrade project.

The major repair work is set to begin in July.

by Al Showers

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