Ceremony Remembers Victims And Advocates

When Judy Cazeaux and her mother lit the candle at the ceremony remembering victims, it wasn't just for Judy's murdered daughter Michelle.

"As far as all the other victims I lit the candle for them and their families because you never forget your loved ones and you always miss them," Judy says.

Michelle Cazeaux, 18, was a store clerk in Gulfport. While at work on October 12, 2002 Jason Taylor killed her during a holdup.

Two years later, Taylor was convicted and sentenced to death. Last week the 25 year old inmate killed himself in his cell.

"I had lots of emotions going through me, but the main thing is there were 12 brave jurors that sentenced him to death and they sentenced him on the evidence. And, as far as I know, he didn't have a defense. He carried out his own sentence. All I can say is peace."

Taylor's death gives Judy peace of mind that she won't have to wait out years of Taylor's state and federal appeals.

"I don't have to go through anymore and my family doesn't either because we were just getting ready to go another round in the courts, and I wasn't looking' forward to it. I don't know why he did it, doesn't matter."

In an ironic twist, Jason Taylor was supposed to be in court Monday in Gulfport. He was going to ask for a new trial in the murder of Michelle Cazeaux.

A spokesperson at the Department of Corrections in Jackson says an investigation is underway into Taylor's suicide.