Job Hunters Seek Opportunity At Annual Event

People looking for jobs brought their ambition and their resumes to the coliseum convention center Tuesday.

The annual "Military and Civilian Job Fair" matches job hunters with companies that plan on hiring.

"This is an opportunity for me to put myself face to face with the employers, prospective employers," said Beau Blalock, as he walked from one booth to the next.

"Beau Blalock, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I'm looking for some work in sales, marketing, recruiting," he told anyone willing to listen.

Blalock has a job, but wants a better one. He joined hundreds of others making contacts and peddling resumes at this "one stop shop" for job hunters.

"Would you be interested in a law enforcement career?," said a Jackson police recruiter.

Law enforcement considers the job fair prime recruiting grounds. Especially the military prospects.

"They have some type of training and experience being in the military. So, we're here trying to find some of the people interested in law enforcement for our police department," said Detective Tony Davis.

Beau Blalock continued making the rounds.

"This is not a good aisle for me," he said, while rounding the corner aisle.

He understands he faces a distinct disadvantage: No college diploma.

"I'm a salesman. I've got eight years sales experience," Blalock explained.

He's counting on that experience and a coast economy he says is looking up.

"The economy on the coast right now seems to be getting stronger. It definitely went through a slow period. I think with the addition of the Hard Rock casino there's a lot of new interest with people wanting to get jobs and bring more money into the community," said Blalock.

"The web site has all the openings we would have within the corporation," said a represenative of Lockheed Martin.

His company employs some 200 thousand people worldwide. Lockheed Martin is looking to fill a few openings at its Stennis facility.

"We're growing. Very slowly, but in a positive direction," said John Boyea.

That's encouraging for Beau Blalock and the many others like him, looking for work.