Additional flood concerns in White Cypress Lakes

Additional flood concerns in White Cypress Lakes

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - On Wednesday, residents in Hancock County's White Cypress Lakes community got the flood relief they needed to dry-out.

But with additional rainfall in the forecast, there are new concerns that the neighborhood could flood again.

"If we wanted lake-front property, we would have bought it," said Lisa Everett.

Everett says her property in the White Cypress Lakes community instantly becomes waterfront after heavy rainfalls. An April downpour flooded her land with more than 4 feet of water.

"Everything in one of our sheds went under completely; the air conditioning unit in the back by the trailer under completely," said Everett.

Everett says the water rolled over her gas tank and damaged the foundation of her mobile home. The water got so high, her family became trapped inside.

"My mother can't swim. My mother is about to be 81 years old, she has a lot wrong with her and she was scared to death," explained Everett.

Everett and her neighbors say a lake right behind their homes fills up quickly during a heavy rainfall, and backs up into their yards.

"It was like the white water rapids out here it was so swift. It took my trailer away from my shop, it took the ramp off of my shop. It got halfway into the yard," said Jeff Slade.

The flooding has gotten progressively worse over the years, and residents say no one seems to want to do anything about it. White Cypress Lake is a private subdivision and the county says it would take on a huge burden on the taxpayers to correct the problem.

"We have taken over 17 and a half miles of roads here in this subdivision, but we can not take over the dams, the levees and the spillways. It's not feasible for the county to take over," explained District 2 Supervisor Greg Shaw.

Residents say the White Cypress Lakes Property Owners Association says it can't afford to do the work, so they are considering legal action.

WLOX News Now tried to contact the White Cypress Lakes POA, but was not able to reach anyone.

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