Ocean Springs officials want to make public parking easier

Ocean Springs officials want to make public parking easier

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs may be a walkable community, but first, you've got to park.

"I've often wanted to shop down here but it's so hard to get a parking spot," said Debra Lockett of Biloxi. "I really don't like to come down here."

For resident Rob Lowe, knowing where to park is an issue.

"The biggest problem is that a good section of Government is not marked office parking," Lowe said. "So you don't know where you can, or can't park."

City officials say there's plenty of parking in downtown Ocean Springs, including the Fallo-Pleasant public parking spot on the east end of Government St. The problem: most people don't know about it.

The other designated public parking lot is Keys Municipal Park on Cash Alley. Public parking is also available at the Chamber of Commerce on Washington; and in several spaces on Dewey Ave. across from City Hall and at the police substation.

In just a matter of weeks, officials plan to produce a designated map to be printed and available on multi-media platforms. It will be part of a larger discussion on the development of the entertainment district as it relates to the new "to-go cup" law, which allows patrons to take their drinks with them.

Off The Hook Fish House owner Tim Wold brought his concerns before the Board of Aldermen Tuesday night.

He says it was a positive meeting, and the effort by city officials is progress on a long-standing problem. A committee to discuss parking issues will meet at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday at Off the Hook Fish House.

"It wasn't just going in and complaining, it was going in and saying, 'I don't want to be the problem, I want to be the solution,'" Wold said. "Is parking garages the answer? More parking lots? You know, we really don't know. But I tell you want. We are talking about it now."

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