Gulfport residents relive flooding woes

Gulfport residents relive flooding woes

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Northwood Hills residents like Oliver Silas are working to salvage what they can after their neighborhood flooded once again due to excessive rainfall Tuesday.

"I didn't get any actual damage inside of my house. I thank God for that. I was pretty lucky on my end," said Silas.

Other residents living in this neighborhood weren't as lucky.

"All of the neighbors had to work, because there was a lot of debris that came from that northern end. Neighbors are still cleaning up, and they're doing some recovering from some of the flooding that went on," said Silas.

After strong storms unexpectedly swept through this neighborhood a few weeks ago, some residents tell me they thought the flood damage was going to be worse.

"This wasn't as bad as last time when the street flooded, but like I said, when it actually began to rain, I got nervous, because I did see the water backing up the North Hill side of my street," said Silas.

Although Silas didn't get much flood damage to his home, he said his car is ruined.

"I had quite a bit of debris to have to clean up. My car, unfortunately, it's no cleaning up on it. I think it's ruined," said Silas.

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