More flooding concerns for Gulfport residents

More flooding concerns for Gulfport residents

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - In just a matter of a few hours, up to six inches of rain fell in parts of Harrison County on Tuesday afternoon, creating some tense moments for people in North Gulfport who are still picking up the pieces from flooding that happened less than a month ago.

Signs of flooding are still seen inside David Wilson's home on Three Rivers Road. On Tuesday, rising waters came within just a few feet of entering his house again.

"I was at work when my wife gave me a very urgent call. She said that the water was coming up and it was just devastating to her," said Wilson. "The weather conditions were just awful and when I got home I just couldn't believe it."

Fortunately for Wilson, the rain stopped just in time. Next door at the Gulf Coast Free Will Baptist Church, Pastor Eddie Young and others in his congregation were working to repair sheet rock from previous flooding.

"When we were in here working they looked out and said oh my goodness here it goes again," said Young.

One of those working inside was Dwayne Spell, who lives behind the church. He said in just a few minutes, the area went from being dry ground to being covered with water.

"It looked like a waterfall coming out of the ditch and the water was probably I would say about two feet deep and just covered this whole area," said Spell.

No water got in the church this time, but with more rain expected Spell is nervous over would could happen.

"It came up in 20 minutes and it was back down in about an hour. That tells you that it's just draining way too slow, something's going on and I've been here 20 years," said Spell.

This is all happening even as residents in the area are still waiting and hoping for flood assistance from FEMA.

"People's homes are mildewing, they don't have funds to their lives back together, we need the help and we need it now," said Wilson.

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