Arrest warrant reveals gruesome details in Jessie Bardwell murder investigation

Arrest warrant reveals gruesome details in Jessie Bardwell murder investigation
Jason Lowe, 27, is charged with murder in the death of Jessie Bardwell. (Photo source: Richardson Police Department).
Jason Lowe, 27, is charged with murder in the death of Jessie Bardwell. (Photo source: Richardson Police Department).

RICHARDSON, TX (WLOX) - Authorities in Richardson, TX, have released the arrest warrant for Jason Lowe, the man accused of killing his girlfriend, Jessie Bardwell. The affidavit reveals gruesome details surrounding the murder investigation and major inconsistencies with the story Lowe told police.

The affidavit says police searched the garage assigned to Lowe and Bardwell at the apartment they shared, and that's where crime scene investigators found blood pooled in Lowe's car, a bullet hole in the wall of the garage and "a distinct smell of decayed flesh."

The document said "detectives believe evidence of homicidal violence and possible body disposal was present."

According to the document, Bardwell, 27, was last seen alive on surveillance video at the apartment's fitness center on April 29. Investigators tell us they have still not recovered her body.

As we have previously reported, Bardwell's father and step-mother, who live in Pascagoula, drove to Texas and filed a missing person report on May 9 after Bardwell did not call her mother or step-mother on Mother's Day. Bardwell's father, Gary Bardwell, told investigators he had not heard from his daughter for two and a half weeks.

On May 8, when Richardson police tried to perform a welfare check on Bardwell at her apartment, they made contact with Lowe, who told investigators Bardwell left for the day in her grey Acura SUV, according to the affidavit. Lowe also told police Bardwell did not have a cell phone.

The next day, police returned to the apartment complex and found Lowe's Audi SUV was damaged and muddied. An officer spoke with Lowe, who was also covered in mud, according to the document. The officer noticed Lowe had his dog with him, but the dog was clean.

The affidavit says Lowe told the officer Bardwell had not returned home all night, and he took the dog to search for her along some trails in a dog park where she was known to walk. Lowe said he got muddy when he had to chase the dog after it got away from him.

The document said the officer also noticed fresh cuts on Lowe's hands, which he claimed he got when the dog scratched him.

Lowe said the damage to his SUV happened when he took it "mudding" in Lewisville, TX, about two weeks earlier, according to the affidavit.

Officials said Lowe told the officer he had last seen Bardwell at 8 a.m. on May 8, and it wasn't unusual for her to disappear for hours at a time because they "lead a lifestyle where they both do their own thing without being co-dependent."

When officers asked to search Lowe's Audi and a Dodge Ram pickup truck, he voluntarily agreed. The affidavit said police found two handguns in a black bag in the floorboard of the truck. Lowe told investigators the pickup truck was a rental provided to him by his insurance company.

The document says Lowe also allowed the officers to check out the inside of his apartment and garage. Nothing was found during the search.

On May 10, police again interviewed Lowe. This time, he told investigators the last time he had seen Bardwell was at 10 a.m. and May 8.

Bardwell's Acura SUV was added to the LEARN vehicle detection system on May 11. Later that day, the SUV was spotted in Garland, TX, according to the document. Investigators found the SUV parked in a driveway in Garland the next day.

The man who answered the door at the home said the SUV was sold to him by Lowe on April 19. The affidavit says the witness told investigators Bardwell was present when the sale of the vehicle was first discussed on April 18.

According to the document, the witness said he spoke to Lowe about the vehicle again on May 2, but he did not see Bardwell, and Lowe told him there were problems with the title to the vehicle so it wasn't ready yet.

Later on May 12, investigators once again interviewed Lowe at his apartment. The affidavit said officers found a "saucer" on the kitchen counter and Lowe told them the white powdery substance was cocaine.

When investigators questioned Lowe about the sale of the Acura SUV, he reportedly told them he had set up a lease agreement with the witness, and the man was allowed to pick up the vehicle at any time.

Lowe reiterated that he believed Bardwell left the apartment in the vehicle on May 8, according to the affidavit.

When detectives asked Lowe if he would sign for consent to search the residence, he reportedly agreed to let investigators search the apartment but said they could not search the garage because it is considered a common area which several people could have access to.

Lowe eventually agreed to show the officers around the garage, according to the affidavit, and that's when they detected the smell of decayed flesh and blood pooled in the back of Lowe's Audi SUV.

Detectives returned the next day with a search warrant and uncovered more evidence, police said. The affidavit said crime scene technicians used a bloodstain reagent, which illuminated blood stains in the entire rear compartment of the SUV and along the driver's side interior of the vehicle.

Detectives also said they found a pair of muddy boots in the SUV and a shovel in the garage. After speaking with witnesses in the neighborhood, the document says one witness reported seeing Lowe apparently cleaning the bed of the Dodge truck on the night of May 7 and removing several trash bags from a box.

Lowe remains behind bars in Texas without bond.

The affidavit also points out Lowe has a history of domestic violence. He was arrested in Dallas, TX, on May 29, 2015, and charged with assaulting his then girlfriend and causing her to lose consciousness.

You can read the full arrest warrant for Jason Lowe here:

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