No Hate in Our State rally draws big crowd

No Hate in Our State rally draws big crowd

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - A multi-agency collaboration is giving more pushback against Mississippi's Religious Accommodations Act, also known as House Bill 1523.

The No Hate In Our State Rally and unity celebration took place at the foot of the Bay St. Louis bridge at the corner of U.S. 90 and North Beach Boulevard.

Nearly 100 participants attended and provided their own rally signs.

"If the law is not repealed, I think it would be a very big setback to our state and the nation." said Pamela Swafford.

In addition to protesting the Religious Freedom Act, participants also called for a new state flag.

Among the sponsors were The Flag for All Mississippians Coalition, Mississippi Rising Coalition, Come As You Are, The Mississippi Rainbow Center, the Hancock County NAACP and the We Are All Mississippi Coalition.

"As long as this law stands we will continue to be out like this so citizens who don't value this type of hate and discrimination have a chance to express their views and show that our state is much better than this," said Harry Hawkins.

Organizers say these rallies won't stop until the law is overturned.

"We're going to keep rallying because we're finding that so many people support us. We're finding that conservatives, Republicans, religious people, Democrats, everybody is supporting us," said Laurianne Manchester.

The rally continued inside the Longview Civic Center with a series of speakers and live music.

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