Local dentistry offers free service to children

Local dentistry offers free service to children

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Kool Smiles Dentistry opened its doors Sunday morning, welcoming all children to come and receive free dental care.

"Today is our second annual Sharing Smiles Day, and the program that we do this is for children that are 18 and under," said Kool Smiles office manager, Johanne Nesmith.

Nesmith says all services were available to patients, including root canals.

"Today we're going to do anything that causes a child to be in pain. So, if they have any kind of swelling, gum disease, if their gums are bleeding, if they have a cavity that's bothering them; the dentist are willing to do that."

Mothers like Lanetra Hill say they're happy they are able to receive care for their children.

"It's very wonderful that they're doing this because a lot of people don't have insurance for their children, or the procedure their children may need kind of exceeds whatever insurance may cover," said Hill. "So it's good they're helping the community out this way."

The Sharing Smiles event will continue in 2017.

"Giving free care to children is awesome. Here at Kool Smiles, our mission is to create a world full of happy healthy smiles," said Dr. Tara Pursley. "That's not only for the kids with insurance, but the kids without insurance, too,"

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