Lynn Meadows turns 18 with fun, games and celebrations

Lynn Meadows turns 18 with fun, games and celebrations

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport is celebrating an important milestone Saturday afternoon: its18th birthday.

Open for nearly two decades, parents say the museum has been a great place for kids to play while they learn.

"I've lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for about 20 years," said Alicia Lick. "When my children were younger, we would come to Lynn Meadows during the summer and have fun together."

Now Lick's daughter, Savannah, brings her daughter to the museum.

"I have such great memories from Lynn Meadows, so I wanted her to have those memories too," said Savannah Corbitt, who adds that the Lynn Meadows she remembers is very different from the current facility. "Most of the exhibits are new. I remember the boat from when I was young, but there are a lot of new exhibits."

According to Executive Director Cindy Defrances, the museum is still growing.

"We've transformed quite a bit. Most recently in the past year we are developing a new piece of property so we've added an acre and a half which will be opening on June 16," Defrances said.

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