Page13: Find clues and make the great escape

Page13: Find clues and make the great escape

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - If you like looking for clues and solving mysteries, Hint Hunter in D'Iberville is the place for you. Tour guide John Lunstrum is taking Michael Lopez and his son, Samuel, on an adventure.

"Today you are going to Owen Hunter Private Investigator room. Owen Hunter did some special work for the CIA. He found a file and then disappeared. Your job is to find the file in one hour," said Lunstrum.

Michael and Samuel start putting two and two together in an effort to escape.

Puzzle rooms like this have become extremely popular all around the country. Businessman TJ Tadej decided to bring this entertainment concept to the coast.

"My son and daughter went to New Orleans and went through one of the rooms. They had so much fun. When they came back, she said you need to start one of the rooms. I looked into it and did some research and here we are," said Tadej.

The rooms are like movie sets, and visitors unravel clues to find the way out. It requires critical thinking and teamwork with the pressure of a time limit.

"I like this. It's a good experience. It's interesting to see how your kids actually think," Michael said.

Beside the P.I., room there's also a jail cell filled with clues leading to the ultimate breakout. The staff at Hint Hunter watches monitors and even helps by saying things over a microphone.

"We sit in that control room and laugh. We could sell seats in there watching the people, because it's fun. They do some of the most unexpected things. When a clue is found,  the air is sucked out of the room. It's exciting," Tadej said.

Hint Hunter plans to open three more puzzle rooms by the end of the year. It's a unique experience. Solve the mystery and make a great escape.

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