Tangerine Oil Spill Contained At Mississippi-Louisiana Line

The driver of a USA Logistics Carrier truck was making a delivery to Florida when his trip was cut short. A federal inspector at a weigh station in West Hancock County noticed something leaking from the truck.

"It had a very distinctive orange smell to it. He checked his shipping papers. The material that was in the truck was 51 gallons of tangerine oil, which has a very distinctive orange smell to it. It's flammable. It will kill plant life and animals," said Earl Etheridge of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

Inspectors say two barrels were crushed when they fell over sometime during the trip and the tangerine oil leaked out.

"Anything that did spill on the roadway while the truck was running would have been such a minute volume that spilled that it would have evaporated very quickly," Etheridge said.

However, firefighters were on standby at the scene.

"Mainly they're just standing by for fire suppression. The chemicals that we're dealing with are highly flammable and at this time, just standing by in case of a flash of some kind," said Chief Kim Jones of the West Hancock County Fire & Rescue Team.

It took the Hazmat team about two and a half hours to clean up the site. No one was hurt during the clean up, but the team issued two citations by the day's end.

"One was for improper transport of the flammable liquid. The second was for failing to properly block and secure the material to keep it from falling over. If they had done that we wouldn't have had a spill," Etheridge said.