Delinquent Boys Home Sends Home Dozens Of Cadets

Eagle Point Christian Academy seems to be on lock down. Security officers now guard the gates keeping a close eye on what's going on insidee and out.

"Nine or ten of them tried to start a riot. They didn't try, they did," Academy Director John Fountain says.

During the upheaval, windows got broken and one dormitory was destroyed, totaling roughly $20,000 in damage.

The academy is formally known as Bethel Boys home. During it's more than 20-year history, Fountain says a riot has never happened.

Fountain says he's usually there at the academy, but last Friday night, he was out of town.

"That's probably why it happened because they had a little too much freedom."

Now, Fountain says, it cannot happen again.

"It's a liability for the school, liability for me, a liability for the staff and a liability for the parents, cause they're going to have to pay for some of it."

Eagle Point Christian Academy is a home for delinquent boys needing rehabilitation. But Fountain is sending 27 of the 122 cadets away from the home, because the academy just doesn't have the manpower to help them.

"There are some that I don't have the staff or ability to do it (help them)," Fountain says.