Pass Christian trying to reduce mosquito population

Pass Christian trying to reduce mosquito population

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Hurricane Katrina left behind more than 100 slabs in Pass Christian. This year, the city asked property owners to remove them, but when the concrete is gone, it leaves a hole in the ground that could become a breed ground for mosquitoes. The city is trying to prevent that from becoming a problem.

So far, Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermott said the slab removal ordinance is going well, which is why the city is offering dirt to fill the slabs. The mayor said filling the slabs with dirt will help keep the mosquito population down.

"Once that slab comes up, if they don't put anything on it to fill it, then you do have a bit of a quagmire, and with mosquito season and all that we're trying to prevent anything from that. Mosquitoes are probably the same here as they are anywhere else, but we were trying to prevent anything that possibly could happen," said McDermott.

The city's surplus sand is free and would be delivered to property owners who request it.

"If it's not level, then you're going to have puddles that swells in the ground, and if water gets in there, it stays, and that's where they breed out of. Everybody knows that if you can keep standing water away you have a better chance of keeping the mosquito population down," said McDermott.

The mayor said not only will filling the slab with dirt reduce the mosquito population, but it will also make properties look better.

"Their property is worth more once they take the slab up. Because if somebody buys this land, they can't use these slabs. So it's costing them a little money on the front end, but in the long run, it will be advantageous to them," the mayor explained.

"They'll be leveled off and won't hold water, and it gives grass and it just looks a lot nicer," said Danny Ray with Danny Ray's Dirt and Demolition.

The old site of the Miramar nursing home on Scenic Dr. has been filled with dirt after the slab was removed. The mayor hopes more property owners consider doing the same.

To request dirt from the city to fill your slab in Pass Christian, call city hall at 228-452-3311.

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