Police radio chatter released in officer involved shooting

Police radio chatter released in officer involved shooting

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations is looking into an officer involved shooting that left one man dead. Tuesday, WLOX obtained police radio chatter from a viewer and Broadcastify.com, which tells a closer story of what happened on Monday morning.

Deputy: "I have heavy odor of signal 30 coming from the room. Clerks asking for a welfare check."

Officers responded to a call about suspected drug activity in a room here at the Ramada Inn in St. Martin. When they entered the room, they said 23-year-old Christian Bowman became aggressive

Deputy: "Station 2 we have one at gunpoint. He's fighting."

Shots were fired.and more backup was requested as Bowman was reportedly still being aggressive.

Deputy 1: "Station 2 shots fired."
Deputy 2: "Station 2, I need Acadian at this residence."
Deputy: "Station 2, he's still fighting."

Officers seemed to have Bowman handcuffed, yet the audio shows he continues to put up a fight.

Deputy: "Yeah, it's 10/4 just be advised that he's handcuffed but he's still fighting."

The scuffle continues, and emergency services are later called once things calm down.

Dispatcher: "Do you guys need first responders?
Deputy 1:  "Yeah 10/4."
Deputy 2: "Advising one gun shot wound."
Dispatcher: "Who?"
Deputy1: "Subject."

Officers tried to save Bowmans life with CPR.

Dispatcher: "What's your ETA? Officers are asking for a quicker response. One subject has been shot. One bullet. One gunshot wound. We're doing CPR."

Both deputies will remain on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

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