Biloxi boat captain: There's room for Coastal tourism growth

Biloxi boat captain: There's room for Coastal tourism growth


Michael Moore owns Biloxi Shrimping Trip. As a charter boat captain, the Coastal waterways are always on his mind. 

"I think environmentally, we're doing well. That's my personal opinion," said Moore.

The Department of Marine Resources will host their annual State of the Coast address on Wednesday. The theme: Living with the Water, Exploring Positive Opportunities.

In terms of opportunities, Moore feels there's plenty of room for tourism growth on the Coast.

"What I would like to see is tourism. I'd like to see that's going on with those funds that's coming down. We'd love to see it stay here on the Coast," said Moore, referring to the more than $100 million in BP settlement money that still hasn't been allocated. "I think it needs to be spread evenly amongst the Gulf Coast. As a Gulf Coast tourism attraction, we want to see that branding going out Mississippi Gulf Coast is fine," said Moore.

There is an item on the State of the Coast agenda to discuss BP oil spill fund related projects. Moore understands DMR doesn't make the decision on how the money is spent, but hopes at some point a majority of the money will be poured into marketing the Gulf Coast to tourists.

"We need to brand [that] the Coast is fine; the coast is clear. Whatever the tagline, maybe, 'Right now bring it on down.' Bring down the tourist, let them know that everything's fine," added Moore.

DMR's State of the Coast will begin Tuesday night with a welcome reception at the Biloxi Visitors Center.

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