Windsong neighborhood one of many concerned about flood debris

Windsong neighborhood one of many concerned about flood debris

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Windward Dr. looked more like Windward River during the most recent monster rain storm.

Much of the flood debris is now gone from the street. But, residents are worried because some of the debris is not so easy to see and even harder to remove.

"I just hope they get this fixed because I feel bad for the people in this neighborhood that got flooded," said resident Jennifer Hudson. "The houses and vehicles that got underwater, it's terrible."

Hudson says the creek next to her home has had problems in the past with drainage, and the added debris could be create a major problem in the future.

City officials have begun assessment of the draining issues, but say there needs to be a plan in place for routine maintenance. In the meantime, a state of emergency declaration for Harrison County could make money available to clean out the ditches.

Gulfport City Councilman R. Lee Flowers says that once the city can determine the scope of drainage cleanup projects, estimated costs can be determined. Then, funding sources will be sought.

In the meantime, Michael Ramos, who lives right next to the ditch, hopes for the best.

"If nothing gets done back in the drainage back there, it's going to pretty soon be a bigger problem for people," said Ramos, who had 3 feet of water in his yard. "It's becoming a point to where maybe this ditch can't hold the water; the amount of water coming in with the storms. Maybe needs to be dredged out with all the debris that's holding this water back."

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