Coast Cities Prepare For Primary Elections

The day before city elections, the lunch special at Miss Piggy's Diner included country fried steak, mashed potatoes, and a side of political talk.

Miss Piggy's is on Lorraine Road in the newly annexed section of Biloxi. The people who live out here are now in ward 7. Tuesday's primary will be the first time they have a say in how Biloxi is run. According to new resident Tammy Lee, "There are just some differences of opinion. And like I said, I want to see some changes out here."

Before David Hale ordered his lunch, the new Biloxi resident said he couldn't wait to vote. "It's important because we in Woolmarket were happy to be in Woolmarket," Hale said. "We just didn't want to be part of Biloxi."

Virtually every coast city will hold primary elections on Tuesday. Candidates who receive more than 50% of the vote qualify for June's general election.

Counting the votes is the responsibility of city clerks like Gulfport's Sandra Baylor. On primary eve, her staff ran down a checklist, to make sure every precinct had voting supplies. Election commissioners then closed ballot box lids and sealed them until the polls open Tuesday.

Baylor had this advice for coast voters. "I just want to remind the voters that they may not vote in the same location as they did in the last November election. So please remind the citizens, the registered voters to check their city voter registration card."

Ocean Springs and Waveland are the only coast cities not going to the polls on Tuesday. Don't forget, polls are open Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

After you vote, stay with WLOX News and for complete election night coverage.

by Brad Kessie