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Hancock County Residents Take Stock Of Storm Damage

Four days after a tornado ripped through Hancock County's Bayside Park community residents are still picking up the pieces.

Many of the homes damaged or destroyed during the storm were un-insured .

Many victims say federal disaster assistance is vital to helping them put their lives back together.

It's been a grueling weekend for the Mayne family, Boxing up their belongings for storage.

" We don't have a place to stay we're staying with my mother in-law right now. We don't really know what's going to happen." Said Bayside Park Resident, Cheryl Mayne.

The Mayne's house sustained major damage after a tornado toppled a tree that stood next to the home. Mary Mayne Cheryl's relative, talked about all the damage. "It demolished it, is what it's done. It's destroyed the whole thing."

The tree crushed the roof leaving holes in the ceiling, caved in walls and cracked sheet rock all over the house. And that's just some of the damage.

Mary Mayne is just glad her Grandson, his wife and their two young boys were not home when tornado struck.

"If they had been in here they may have gotten killed," she said.

Alvinus Zoerner, lives a few blocks down the street from the Mayne family.

His mobile home was also hit hard by the storm.

"All this has been pulled off and the walls been broke. It did a lot of damage the whole trailer itself is twisted," Zoerner said.

His home was severely damaged after A neighbor's mobile home slammed into his own mobile home.

" We're doing what we can in the day time and spending the night at my sisters taking a bath and all that over there , the plumbing all been pulled loose underneath the house. So were just doing the best we can with what little bit we've got," he said.

More than 40 homes were damaged and at least six others totally destroyed during the storm, Hancock County's Emergency Management officials are working with MEMA in hopes of getting Federal Disaster assistance for the storm victims.

"We're going to need some help we're defiantly going to need some help. The funds we've got is going to get us no where." said Zoerner.

Cheryl Mayne echoed his words.

"All our stuff is in storage our 5 year old doesn't understand why he can't come home," she said.

She and others say without assistance they don't know what they're going to do.

Hancock County Emergency Management Director Brian Adam says he hopes to hear from MEMA sometime this week, on whether Hancock County will be included in a federal disaster declaration.

Areas in the Northern part of the state hit hard by Wednesday's storms have already been granted disaster assistance.

By: Al Showers

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