Gospel Choir Sings For A Purpose

The Mississippi Valley State University Choir made a joyful noise in concert Sunday afternoon at the Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church in Gulfport.

They are currently on tour, and they are performing for more than one purpose.

"To minister to those people that may be lost and are seeking a way to get closer to Christ. It also gives the opportunity to let other students know, up and coming high school graduates, to let them know that Mississippi Valley State University does exist," said choir president Lekeisha Taylor.

These students are serving as ambassadors, using their angelic voices to perhaps draw in potential students.

But according to Merlon Hines, who serves as the Harrison County Alumni chapter president, recruiting students to the school located in Itta Bena, Mississippi, has not been too hard.

"One of the things with historically Black schools, a lot of them especially in the South are smaller schools, and so with them being smaller, one thing that we have an advantage with is we have more one on one contact with teacher/student relationship," said Hines.

That, along with offering music as well as other scholarships, is the message these students are trying to get out about their beloved school.

But besides serving as the "face" of Mississippi Valley State University, these students hope they are perhaps changing the overall image of young people.

"All young people are not bad. We are trying to make a difference in this world. That we are indeed trying to get an education because we are the leaders of tomorrow," said Taylor.

The gospel choir plans to show off its talent in Brazil in the spring of 2006.