Ethan's Corner: George County sophomore is the baseball team's top supporter

Ethan's Corner: George County sophomore is the baseball team's top supporter

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - Ethan Taylor is a Rebel with some wit.

"Hey coach, who are [the Brandon Bulldogs] throwing Friday," Taylor asked George County head coach Brandon Davis despite knowing the answer.

"Johnny Wholestaff."

Taylor, who is a sophomore at George County, has been the Rebels' team manager since entering the school. He was fortunate enough to be with them on their trip to the 5A state championship series against Oxford last season.

Despite the bitter taste of a championship series loss and jumping from 5A to 6A this season, George County is right back in the hunt yet again, opening their third-round series with Brandon this Friday.

The first and last time George County won a state championship was in 1997 when Davis was a player for the Rebels, and Taylor wasn't even born yet.

But on December 1, 1999, Taylor entered the world in one of the most miraculous ways possible.

Both of his lungs collapsed, with one actually having a hole in it. Doctors were forced to remove him early, and as a result was born with cerebral palsy.

"They say that if they wouldn't have taken me out of momma when they did, that we would've both died," Taylor said. "It's just a miracle that I'm alive today."

Taylor, who now uses a motorized wheelchair, would attend George County baseball games as a freshman with a spot on the third base side next to the team dugout. The protective screen was temporary, but it still wasn't as guarded as he would've liked.

"We thought it was pretty vital for our welding department to come over here, do some measurements from the school through the CTE program to create a space for him," Davis said.

What was once foul territory at George County's baseball field has turned into "Ethan's Corner."

"It actually got us a run the other night," Davis said. "The ball would've still been in play last year."

The 16-year-old Ethan takes pride in being a straight-A student and his perfect attendance in school. Not only does he envision being the class of 2018 valedictorian, but he has potential to earn a class-clown nomination because of his sarcastic personality and ability to make people smile.

"That joker doesn't stop," George County senior and Mississippi State signee Walker Robbins said. "He's hollering the whole game. I love it and it gets us all fired up."

"If you check our roster, he's on there [as number 26," Davis said. "He's good to have around and he keeps the mood light."

With a little more than two years left in high school, Taylor is striving to do everything he can before going after his dream of becoming a sports broadcaster with a college degree from Auburn.

"I just take it day-by-day and live life just like a normal person," Taylor said. "I don't let being in a wheelchair stop me from doing what I love, and that's this great game of baseball."

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