Hancock Co. Republican women say GOP should unite

Hancock Co. Republican women say GOP should unite

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - Republicans across the nation say they must unite behind Donald Trump if the GOP wants to win the White House.

The issue was one of the hot topics at the Hancock County Republican Women's Club meeting held in Diamondhead Thursday afternoon.

"I was an alternate four years ago, but I'm hoping to be a delegate this year," said Nell Frisby.

Political jargon pertaining to the ongoing presidential race let those passing by the meeting hall know that the Hancock County Republican Women's Club was occupying the room.

"Most of the Republican women are calling for unity," noted Barbara Andersen.

That call followed surprise announcements from John Kasich and Ted Cruz that the two candidates were withdrawing from the presidential race, leaving Donald Trump the likely Republican nominee for president.

"There have been so many Democrats who have crossed over and signed up as Republicans just so they could vote for this man in the primaries. I think it's ludicrous to think they're not going to do it in the general election. I think he will stand up very well to Hillary Clinton. I think he will beat her easily," explained Andersen.

Club member Lynn Cheramie added, "I think we're done with the Clinton and the Bushes and all those passed people and I think it's time to move on to something and somebody else."

To Cheramie, that somebody else is Donald Trump - even though she doesn't believe he can fulfill all of the promises he has made.

"Sending all of the Muslims back, that's not going to happen," said Cheramie. "I don't think."

Nell Frisby was recently selected to be a delegate during the state Republican Convention on May 13 and 14 in Jackson. She says Republicans getting behind Trump is the only way to win the White House.

"I felt like we needed someone outside of the beltway of Washington, and we needed a businessman," said Frisby.

She plans to push that support at the state convention, and hopefully at the National convention.

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