Families Get Together At Coast Wide Reunion

Hundreds of people gathered under the oaks at the Coast Coliseum to sway to a little jazz, courtesy of Moss Point High, and to have a little fun with each other.

"Come out and have fun and spend time with the family," said Felicia Bridges of Gulfport.

Elnora Lawrence of Moss Point had the same idea.

"I brought my kids. My twins Elijah and Alijah, and my daughter Precious," said Lawrence.

And that was the purpose of the first coastwide family reunion.

"Family, to me, is where everything starts. It's where you get that foundation. If you've got family, you can accomplish anything," said co-organizer Terrence Bibb.

And various sponsors tried to build stronger families by offering a whole lot of fun.

There was food, games, and even a car show, but if those weren't enough to move you, then a dance group called Soul Patrol definitely did.

"The main thing I wanted to get done, so that our young adults could see everybody together, and not just well, this is old folks music, or the grown folks have to do this or the young people have to do this, or we don't want to deal with them. It was just our way of combining different things to get everybody together to build that cohesion to show that yes, everybody can get together and do a lot of things," said Bibb.

So fun was had by all, including Louise Williams, who brought seven family members with her from Hattiesburg.

"I think people should get together you know and fellowship and have a good time," said Williams.

"Don't forget the important things in life, just spending time with your family. The ones you love," said Bridges.

Some of the top entertainers featured at today's event included J.T. Money, H-Town, and the Sugar Hill Gang.

Organizers hope to make this an annual event.