Two Cats Rescued From Home In Flooded Neighborhood

"They haven't been fed since Monday," cat owner Sandra Sharp says.

That's the last time Sharp saw her two cats Lucy and Stormy.

"I left them a big bowl of food. It's not going to last forever."

Sharp couldn't make it through the four foot water alone, and fearing for her felines' lives, she called Animal Control.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department's Flotilla team came to the rescue.

"Here kitty, kitties," Sharp says as she opens the door.

It took ten minutes just to catch first sight of the cats, and they were scared by the strangers.

"Kitties," Sharp says as she opened the can of cat food.

It's been days since Lucy and Stormy were last fed. You'd think they'd run to their bowls. Yet, it seems, they've gotten used to life on their own.

After fifteen minutes, Lucy got caught behind some furniture. But, she didn't go without a fight.

"Stormy refused defeat too. He stormed through the house until he got cornered in the bathroom."

It's been a scary few days for this furry felines.But they don't look too relieved to be back to safety.

"Come on kitty . This one's already done calmed down," one rescue team member says as he picks up the carriers.

The crew waiting behind it notified about the capture.

"We've apprehended the cats and we're about to head back."