MEMA damage assessments begin after unexpected flooding

MEMA damage assessments begin after unexpected flooding

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - "It was tough Thursday morning. I mean, I never did think that it was ever gonna go down. That's the most rain we've ever had," said Gulfport resident Coy Lawery.

Lawery was amazed at the amount of water that entered his home Thursday.

MEMA officials were out Monday, looking to help residents just like Lawery, driving around looking for any signs of damage and talking to home owners.

"What we're doing out here is conducting the initial damage assessment for Harrison County and the City of Gulfport for the flooding that occurred last week," said MEMA official Paul Sheffield.

MEMA officials say this is the the first step in helping make sure these residents are able to put back together the pieces once again.

"We'll conduct this damage assessment, and after we finish this, the numbers will go into the state, and the federal government will kind of review it to determine if or not it's enough to bring in a joint damage assistance, which consists of federal, state and local parties," said Sheffield.

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