Woolmarket business owner: 'We never expected this much water'

Woolmarket business owner: 'We never expected this much water'

WOOLMARKET, MS (WLOX) - A Woolmarket building supply company is among the businesses mopping up after Thursday's unexpected flooding. T&E Building Supply got hit with more than five feet of flood water.

"Biggest problem we got now is just cleaning the mess up," said owner Jim Firth.

Flood waters left quite a mark on the business, scattering boards across the parking lot and soaking plenty of inventory.

"My brother and I started this little business. He started it in '86, and I came down here in '89 and I put the building material in. This kind of puts a stop on us right now. It's pretty messy here," said Firth. "We have lost a lot of inventory, and a lot of it we can save, but we've lost a lot of inventory."

The business has flooded before, but nothing like Thursday's downpour.

"We've had some... that's when we started complaining about the culvert pipe down there. But it's never been this high, it hasn't gotten this bad. It's as bad as it has ever been right now," Firth added.

On the main building, high water has left its mark along the outside brick wall. On a nearby storage building, the high water mark is just over five feet.

"Covered the driveway and up over the road. In fact, if I hadn't of had the fence up there, it would have. The lumber would have floated out into the highway, and that's what had me concerned. But the fence held it back," says Firth.

Firth says they will overcome this latest setback, but the future of the business remains an unanswered question.

"We're going to evaluate that when we get cleaned up and see where we stand," the owner added.

Several other businesses and homes near the lumber yard were also damaged by Thursday's flooding.

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