Biloxi leaders express concern over possible river flooding

Biloxi leaders express concern over possible river flooding

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich is warning residents to be aware of possible flooding along the Biloxi and Wolfe rivers.

Some areas in Biloxi saw as many as 10 inches of rain dumped onto city streets and low-lying areas this morning. As that water makes its way into the rivers, water levels are expected to rise.
"I fully expect to see these rivers to begin rising," Police Chief John Miller said. "We are asking people in low-lying areas to take necessary precautions now, to consider your options."

According to emergency management leaders, the Biloxi River is expected to crest Friday morning at 16.5 feet. Flood stage is 12 feet. The Wolfe River is expected to crest at 10.5 feet. Its flood stage is eight feet.

"The fact is, no system can handle the amount of water that we saw, but we have to make sure we're doing everything we can do. Our job is to protect life and property, and we appreciate the public's cooperation and patience," said Gilich.

Biloxi officials said police responded to 170 emergency calls between 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. Many of those calls were for stranded motorists and stalled vehicles.

The Biloxi Fire Department activated two high water rescue teams to assist with the rescues.

"Our emergency responders and our Public Works crews did an excellent job and are continuing to do so," Gilich said. "Right now, as water has receded from our major roadways, we are clearing storm drains of any debris that might be compromising our drainage systems."

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